Estrella Pena

It’s that time of year again Vikes! Christmas is close and fellow Vikes have been sharing their holiday traditions.. We asked the students and staff about their favorite holiday traditions. Student, Trey Purdon commented about how his favorite tradition is, “Watching Elf with my family on Christmas evening.” To me, Christmas is about being with your loved ones and being appreciative of everything you have. Whether it just be watching a movie together or sitting down as a whole and having dinner. I asked a staff member, Kyle Watson, what his favorite tradition is and he said, “Having a different dinner every year with my family on Christmas.” Another student, Michael Struckman, also shared his favorite tradition, “Having tacos every year with my grandma.”

Christmas is more than gifts and Santa, it’s about the small things and making memories with your favorite people. It’s about laughing and enjoying the good times. So enjoy your time off with your friends and family and make memories that last a lifetime this holiday season!